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Comprehensive nec n930 review.
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nec n930 mobile phone review
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NEC N930 is announced in 2004


Having gained fresh wind in its sails over the course of the past year or so, NEC has certainly made its mark on phone sale hit lists recently, the NEC N930 is a very slender and compact handset at 54 x 85 x 11 mm and 72 grams. A perfectly adequate 65,000-color display is bright and crisp, and is a far step above the dim 4096-color versions on even the most recent NEC models.The display resolution 176 x 220 pixel ideal for small and smart phone.

The left side of the unit holds a spacious volume rocker, while on the other side we find a dedicated camera button.There is nice LEDs which notify users of new messages, active network and missed calls. This is not common for all NEC handsets and is not necessary to pick up and activate the device to see whether any alerts are waiting.


The N930 is not comfortable for hold in ones hand because it is too wide.While the big display a numerical keypad placed on a small space offers appropriately-spaced keys and are not pleasantly comfortable in use.Sporting a simple and user friendly menu in style with other recent NEC handsets.The plastic keypad has good placed keys, giving it a cheap feel while oddly designed buttons, with the comfortable center keys, make the phone easer to dial.Its keypad is as pleasing in use as its chassis is on the eyes: tactile feedback is excellent and all buttons are placed in a logical manner - quite a feat, considering N930's knack for quirky keypads.What's more, the P910i frustratingly flops all around the place when using both thumbs to enter text, yielding a usability level best suited to very short messages. Thankfully, it's still possible to detach the flip entirely for those who prefer fully touch-based interaction.


Dual band 900/1800 MHz connectivity isn't all the NEC N930 has to offer: there's also support for GPRS, SMS, and a range of applications such as Java MIDP 2.0, 64-channels polyphony, all of which laptop and handheld users will be pleased to learn is a breeze to utilize either by means of bluetooth high speed small range wireless device.GPRS support is the fastest way to download files with your mobile, and spacious phone book.

As previously mentioned, the N930 is also equipped with a 0.3 megapixel camera support for picture-taking and audio/video recording, as well as an integrated MP3 player.The latter of which is also the reason for why the 2 MB of internal memory, which initially appears spacious, is quickly stretched to its limits. MP3 and MPEG4 are both formats which can be stored for playback on the NEC N930.

Unfortunately, neither Memory Stick Duo format or any other method of memory expansion is supported by the N930, meaning users find themselves drawn by the MP3 playback capabilities will also quickly - and repeatedly - drawn to their PC and USB cable for updating ones playlist.


Audio quality on the N930 was crystal clear, and signal quality was good. The removable 700 mAh Li-ion battery is rated for 2 hours talk time or 100 hours standby, which is quite low given the battery's theoretical capacity. Charge time is about 105 minutes.


The NEC N930 is now available throughout Europe in some language version.


NEC's N930 is yet another model in a range of phones from experienced users from NEC. A new compact design and a reduced sized battery - which avoids rendering a negative impact on battery life - ensures a thin and light phone which is ergonomically comfortable.
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